Services of AHR Ship chandler



AHR is one of the best Marine suppliers near Chittagong port you will find. We are confident about our ability to source any product or service that a customer may need. Over the last one-decade AHR procurement team has made strong relationships with suppliers from all over the world. We always source the best quality Ship supplies at competitive prices and evaluate our suppliers in terms of quality, availability, and reliability. All products supplied accompanied by relative certification if requested.


Also, our dedicated Technical Support Team and expert Engineers ensure quality Service, Maintenance, and Repair.



Ship Provision Supply


We give new meaning to a Ship Chandler provision list by sourcing the best product for our client. We offer wide-ranging Fresh, Frozen, and Dry Provisions to meet the prospect of quality for all types of foreign vessels at Chittagong Port. We are aware of the standards and strictly follow hygiene rules at all levels throughout the supply chain. We also take care of providing the vessel’s crew with exactly what they demand.



Technical Supply & Spare Parts


Our services are consisting of but not limited to the general supply, we have the complete arrangement for Bonded, Technical & Spare parts. In addition to Ship provision supply, we supply various Ship paints, Electric devices, Steel, Cables, Gas cylinders, Chemicals, Pipes, all brands of accessory of L/B & L/LR, Life-saving & Firefighting equipment, types of Pumps and Motors with spare parts, Main & Auxiliary Engine, Generators, Crankshafts & Bedplates, Turbo Charger, Oil Purifier, Anchors & Chain, Wire Ropes, Winch, shore gangway, Air-condition unit, Heat Exchanger, Cylinder Cover, Liner, Piston items, Nozzle, Bearings, parts & spares of Generator Engines, Gaskets, FO/LO Supply units, Air Compressors, Hydraulic Jack, Hydraulic Puller System, Hydraulic Power Pack, Vacuum Cleaner, Welding Machine, Plasma Cutting Machine, Chain Hoist, Ventilation Fan, all types of Flow Meter, etc.



Ship Repair & Maintenance


Being the one of leading Marine suppliers in Bangladesh, ship-maintenance and technical service provider we are ready to move on-board within very short notice whenever the owners or the master needs us to give them the best service possible and to understand their needs.

We can perform any size repair job, from routine maintenance to major repair and overhauls. Such as:

  • Repair, Maintenance, and overhauling of all type of Main & Auxiliary Engines
  • Re-conditioning of all types of Pumps & Motors, Cylinder covers, Exhaust valves & Seats
  • Electric equipment and machinery repair
  • Fabrication of the spare parts
  • A/C & Refrigerating plant's repair
  • All types of Crane Repair
  • Steel fabrication, Cleaning, Blasting, Rigging
  • Boiler repair
  • Any other Ship Repair & Maintenance work on demand



Safety Equipment & Services


Now a day, the mariner’s safety has become a major concern in the Maritime industry. We believe in a safe working environment and thus we are supplying various safety equipment for any vessel calling to Chittagong port. In regards to any safety demands, AHR offers the following products and services to our customers:


  • British Admiralty (BA) charts
  • Life Rafts
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Gas-Refilling
  • Calibrations.
  • Life Buoys
  • Anti-Piracy Equipment
  • Emergency Escape Breathing Devices (EEBD)
  • Breathing Appliances
  • Pilot and Embarkation Ladders
  • Flares



Husbandry Services


We Provide Husbandry Services For Vessels.


  • Owners and Charterers Protective Services.
  • Arrange Bunker, Fuels, Lubricants, and Fresh Water Supply.
  • Tug and Barge Arrangements, Motor Boat Services
  • Connection with Local Authorities.
  • Delivery of Crew Mails & Courier Packages
  • Crew Changes, Hotel Accommodations, Shore Pass Arrangements, etc.
  • Crew Welfare–Doctor, Dentist, Email, Internet, etc.
  • Underwater Inspection at Anchorage
  • Cargo Supervision services.
  • Follow-up with Workshops, Contractors, etc.
  • Ship Spare Parts Clearance And Delivery
  • All Inward & Outward Clearances.
  • Communication Assistance


Bunker Supply


We can source Bunker suppliers for any vessel calling at Chittagong port & Mongla port with guaranteed quality and quantity, as well as safe and efficient delivery. We ensure several world-leading standards and Code of Conduct practice as adopted by international best SOP practices.

Product Ranges:


  • Furnace Oil (FO)
  • Low Sulphur Heavy Stock (LSHS)
  • High Pour Oil (HPFO)
  • Marine Diesel Oil (MDS)
  • High Spell Diesel (HSD)
  • Automotive Gas Oil (AGO)
  • Premium Motor Spirit (PMS)
  • Low Pour Oil (LPFO)





We arrange Inspection/Testing/Certification of various Safety and Fire fighting equipment, CO2 system, GMDSS/Navigational equipment, Radar & Gyros Echo sound servicing & repair, etc.